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Adoption Fee Schedule


Our adoption fees are based on several factors. Please know that what we charge in adoption fees generally represents only a fraction of what our organization has spent to bring that foster’s vetting current. We have often heard we should find vets willing to donate their services to our organization for free. While the idea of that is lovely (and here us when we say we would love free vet care) — it is not realistic. Vets have bills to pay and overhead at their own offices — they cannot afford to give their services away to us for free. Our vet partners have graciously agreed to give us significant discounts on our vetting care to help us make ends meet. We do try to take advantage of spay/neuter incentives offered to rescue organizations in our respective areas but often find that the level of care our fosters need surpasses what can be provided at low cost spay/neuter clinics.

Our Costs

Here are the average costs for our organization for routine needs of our fosters:


Vet Office Exam: $40-$50

Vaccinations: $15-20 per vaccination

Microchip: $10.99
Routine Bloodwork: $50-$100

Spay or Neuter Procedure: $50-$300 (price varies depending on age and vet partner)

Dentals: $250-$1,500 (price varies depending upon medical complications and condition of dental disease)

Our organization average spend on a foster dog: $1,500

Your Fees

Rarely do our fosters come to us fully vetted. We rely upon those rare times that a dog does come to us without any vetting needs — that we can apply their adoption fee to help cover the vetting expenses of another foster that has exceeded their adoption fee in medical expenses. Donations are also greatly appreciated as they allow us to continue to take in the more medically needy dachshunds and rehabilitate them in our program.


Adoption Fee Schedule

Puppies under 12 months - $400

1 to 5 years and Bonded Pairs - $350

6 years - 10 years - $300

10+ years - $200

Senior or Special Medical Needs - $150

Hospice Foster Adoptions - Waived Adoption Fee

What an adopter gets in return: PRICELESS LOVE that has an infinite value

Our Vet Partners

North Elm Animal Hospital

Greensboro, NC 27455



Complete Pet Care Animal Hospital

Wake Forest, NC 27587


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