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Penny's Story


If you are thinking of using a breeder, it is important to find a reputable one. Story's like Penny's are unfortunately all to common--and not only can they cost you a lot of money, but they cost little lives as well.

Very early on in the life of our rescue we were called to help with a tiny 10 week old puppy named Penny. She had been seizing uncontrollably all day with owners that could not afford to carry her to a vet. They did not want her to suffer and tried to surrender her to 3 different vet offices if the vets would just commit to helping her — but no one would listen because the owners could not afford the care. We committed to taking her and tried hard to save her but unfortunately Penny’s story was one of disreputable breeding and congenital health defects.


Penny’s owners purchased her from a breeder for $1,000 at 6 weeks of age — without a health guarantee, without shots and without any contract that she would be spayed. Fast forward 4 weeks and Penny sadly had to be euthanized after our organization attempted to save her because the seizures would not stop — even with aggressive medication and attempts to settle her body. This suffering could have been avoided had Penny’s family followed our Breeder Checklist when seeking a puppy.

Read through our breeder checklist to educate yourself before purchasing a puppy

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