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What to Expect When You Surrender

Doxie By Proxy Rescue, Inc. gives priority to dachshunds and dachshund mixes that are in shelters marked “rescue only” prior to accepting owner surrenders. Dogs in shelters are considered “in danger” and can supersede any owners waiting to surrender their pet to our organization. When we are able to do so, Doxie By Proxy Rescue, Inc., will take owner surrenders when a foster home is available. We do request that animals surrendered by their owners to our organization be current on all vaccinations and spayed or neutered prior to surrender. Extenuating circumstances will be considered if there are financial hardships or death of an owner has occurred. We will also consider a donation to our organization in order for us to do the vetting if time does not allow for it to be done prior to surrendering to our organization.

While we know that you love your pet and this has been a difficult decision to come to -- and potentially wish to keep in touch, we do not make any promises to owners surrendering their pet to our organization about future updates from adopters. You can, as a surrendering owner, request that we provide the adopter with your information if you wish but we cannot require adopters to provide updates or make contact with former owners. We will try (as time allows) to provide an adoption update once your dog has been adopted so that your mind can be at ease.

Please complete the surrender form if you wish to surrender a dog to our organization, noting we ONLY accept dachshunds from North Carolina. You will be required to transport your dog to Greensboro, NC or Raleigh, NC — whichever is closest.


So you have found our site because you or a loved one has a dachshund that needs to come into rescue. We know that often this decision is a hard one to make and we hope that all other options have been considered prior to deciding to surrender to a rescue organization. While our rescue is a “no-kill” option, and we safe harbor all of our rescues — surrendering to rescue is still taking a pet from the only home it has known, which is tough.

Dogs surrendered to our organization are often very sad, go without eating for days and will long for their owners to return. It is tough for us to watch and while we know there are often times that surrendering to rescue HAS to happen, we find there are also times that it can be avoided with advice from those of us who have a lot of experience with the breed offering guidance on behavioral or training issues. We are happy to help give advice — but it often involves owners needing to be motivated to make changes to get results. And while our advice is a great first step, nothing can replace the valuable work of an excellent trainer. Many owners think that hiring a trainer is expensive and out of reach financially. In reality, trainers generally cost between $90-$110 hourly and some offer packages that make their services more financially affordable. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of sessions to correct minor behavior issues.

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